About Us

About Jim Rybak:

In 2002, Master Jim Rybak studied at the Clairvoyant Center of Chicago in Evanston. Lost during the struggle between what he had known as his life before his divorce and how it was shaking out for his future, he turned to meditation to help him find a new version of himself and cope with all the changes he was facing. Since he realized such huge success employing it in his life, he has been facilitating healings in others for 8 years while both practicing and teaching meditation for the past 7 years.

As a person who always liked to help others, Quantum Energy Healing facilitation and Meditation instruction enabled Jim to help others on a deeper level; not only physically, but mentally and spiritually and it is very rewarding for him to witness these people change, grow, let go of the pain and hurt from their pasts, and succeed in the NOW.

“My greatest joy is when a client comes and shares with me how they have changed their whole outlook on life and now see things in a more positive way. They tell me they feel better and have more clarity within their lives. They are growing into the person they have always wanted to be!” Mstr. Jim Rybak

“I took what I learned that helped me turn my life around and created a tool that would be easier for EVERYONE to understand.” Mstr. Jim Rybak

Meditation Concept’s Philosophy

It is Jim’s philosophy that meditation shouldn’t be complicated. Meditation Concepts is built on the foundation that meditation should be both engaging and fun, as well as life altering. The students who have taken Jim’s classes all agree. (Click to view testimonials)

Meditation Concept’s Mission

It is our goal that every student at Meditation Concepts will learn how to enjoy their life and not run away from it. We want our students to learn who they are and resume total control of their individual life paths. We want them to feel comfort in facing their fears and letting go of their history in order to move forward in their lives. Meditation Concept’s students finish our classes with a blinding clarity of intention towards personal goals and accomplishments. Our students are our best advocates for the practice of meditation.