Benefits of Quantum Healing

Clients experience a sense of peaceful relaxation, a release of tension and an increased sense of energy and well-being. Many find intense clarification and amazement in the messages Lori delivers during the healing as well as in the innate “knowledge” that comes to them during and after a session.

Many clients actually feel the energy as it moves into their body. Sometimes, clients feel shifts inside their body, sometimes they can feel their whole skeleton shift with their shoulders releasing tension they have carried a lifetime.

Clients also heal faster as the energy centers open to rebalancing the whole body and the way it regenerates and fights dis-ease. You have perhaps heard of miracle healings? Jim attributes the physical healings that occur to some clients through energy work and guided imagery to the process of “Falling Awake” to the presence of the universe. When you are open to the Universe in this way, ANYTHING and EVERYTHING is possible.

Most clients admit that the only time they are silent within themselves is when they go to bed at night. Sadly, this means that they are probably already asleep before they get to enjoy the sensation of being separate from their body energy. This extraordinary gift of “Falling Awake” meditation is unparalleled and is facilitated in these healing sessions.

The most significant results and benefits from an energy healing happen when the client has an open mind and no expectations. This work doesn’t require clients to believe that it will work (thus it tends to work equally as well on skeptics) though a genuine open mind and desire to feel better is a great addition to any healing. As with any worthwhile endeavor, the rewards realized are often in proportion to efforts invested.