Meditation Class Testimonials

The class has allowed me to focus on myself and my needs in order to better serve my family and students. Also, it has given me the chance to encourage my students to meditate. I recommend this class to all!….Kira – Stevens Point, WI

I now take a moment to remember I can control how my work environment can affect me. I recommend this class because everyone should learn to cleanse their energetic “space” and they can learn how to do just that in these classes…..Stephanie – Gurnee, IL

I find I “calm” myself instantly whenever I ground myself and even do partial meditation sessions. I love “escaping” to my private room where I find peace, it helps! I am changing my old mindsets by releasing hurtful events in my life and inviting beautiful new adventures and inspiration in. I recommend this well-structured class because the review at the beginning of each class helps cement the understanding of the previous class work. There is so much we don’t understand about our universe. Why not try these techniques to become a better person and live a better life?….Cindy – Grayslake, IL

Meditation is helping to bring me back to the place where I want to be, and where I am meant to be. I feel this class and the concepts of meditation bring peace to my life. I recommend this class; Jim is very good at guiding his students through meditation. He is very calm and reassuring…..Ellen – Libertyville, IL

Being Irish and German, my temperament is a strong one. Meditation has given me the tools to discipline my reaction to life’s experiences that in the past would have set me off in anger. This class has completely changed my life and restored my relationship with my wife and children. It has helped me get rid of the stress and negative energy…..Kevin – Stevens Point, WI

These meditation classes have given me a new set of tools to help me relax and learn how to protect and enjoy my space. It is so easy to learn and the benefits are too many to list!….Ron – Mount Prospect, IL

This class has helped me learn to turn off the “loud” voices and focus on myself. I have become more relaxed; I am sleeping better and feel happier, more light-hearted. I absolutely recommend this class…..Patti – Palatine, IL

These classes helped me get in touch with inner-self and expand my understanding of meditation. This was also very helpful with relaxation and sleep…..Diane – Plainfield, IL

Meditation has helped me to truly relax and sleep better. It has enabled me to calm myself when I never could before…..Gina – Elmhurst, IL

I took this class to help me try to let things go and to sleep better. It worked like a charm! I recommend this class to anyone that has trouble sleeping or dealing with problems that crowd your mind…..Mary – Oak Brook, IL

The process of learning meditation has been enlightening. I’ve always been interested in it but never pursued it. I’m glad the planets lined up and brought me to this class. I am taking my mom to see an oncologist tomorrow and I’ll be using the techniques I learned in this class. I was in a situation this weekend that would have normally set me off. I remained calm. There’s an example of it working in my life everyday. Thank you…..Mary – Chicagoland Area

Through the use of meditation I have learned how to let things go. This class has changed my life and I will recommend it to all my friends and family….Jennifer – Chicagoland Area

The class has helped me to relax and focus. I find myself more calm and I don’t fly off the handle anymore. This class has helped me adjust to change and deal with my life’s stress. I have already recommended the class to friends….Linda – Chicagoland Area

This meditation class has helped me find inner peace and a quick way to relaxation. This class gave me the basic tools that assist me in meditating, which is now a part of my daily routine. I have recommended this class to my friends….Sara – Gurnee, IL

This class has helped me realize that I have the ability to concentrate on myself and create positive energy. This class has changed my life by teaching me how to stay grounded and focused. I concentrate better….Brett – Gurnee, IL

My focus is so much better and I have more relaxed methods of dealing with stress now that I have learned to meditate. I feel I can control my space and surroundings with these methods. I absolutely recommend this class! I loved it! Very helpful!…Orla – Libertyville, IL

These meditation classes helped me reduce stress, increase my coping skills and increase my ability to relax….Lori – Libertyville, IL