Quantum Energy Healing

There are many forms of “healings” and they can be accomplished in a variety of ways. Sometimes a warm smile, a kind word, a gentle caring touch, or knowing that someone is really listening and understanding you can help you achieve a “healing” on some level.

On a more scientific level, any quantum physicist will tell you that everything is composed of energy. By working with energy it is possible to affect change on every level—physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. An issue that adversely affects us on any of these levels, if left unresolved, has the potential of infecting us on any or all of our other levels.

We each have an electromagnetic field surrounding us—it’s our aura . It can be felt by people who are sensitive to it and has been photographed with Kirlian photography and advanced computer systems. A break in this field, if left unresolved, may precipitate a disease on the physical plane.

We are all absorbing energy from the universe. This energy flows through all living things giving them life. There are seven major energy centers called chakras running from the tip of the spine to the top of the head, where energy naturally enters and exits the body. Each of these chakras has its own issues and an unresolved issue can block the chakra, thus preventing this vital energy (chi) from entering and servicing the organs in that area, leaving the person susceptible to dis-ease.

Through energy healing the healer can open and “flush” positive energy through the blockages in every area, thus enabling clients to heal more swiftly and evolve towards a more positive and balanced way of being and living.

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