Blending Meditation with Christianity

Meditation and Christianity

A friend once said to me, “All meditation paths lead to Buddha.”   I said, “My path leads to Jesus Christ and Our Father the Lord God!”
When I teach a class I speak of the Lord God as He is.  I don’t refer to Him as “The Universe”, He is greater than any Universe! The word “Chakra” sends Christians into a negative downward spiral.  Simply put a Chakra is an “Energy Point” within us that allows energy to flow.  God created this in us.  God created all energy!
Have you ever asked yourself this question; How DO I build a better relationship with my Savior and His Father?  Answer: Through Deep Breathing Meditation! 
Meditation DOES NOT take the place of a church service where we receive His word and the sacraments.  Meditation enhances our spirituality whereby we grow closer to Them and have a deeper appreciation of our own spirit. During my class, I teach just how real The Lord God, His Son Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit are.  During my class, I ask the Holy Spirit to come and guide us.  In the middle of (Series I), I ask Jesus to come to class, and He does.  Many that have taken my class have said; 1)   They could feel His presence.  2)   They could hear Him speak to them. 3)   They could feel Him hold their hand as they talked. 4)   They received a hug from Him.
In class, I teach you how to build a relationship with Them by talking, sharing time, and giving them your concerns through meditation.  It is very powerful.  I have been doing this for over 10 years and it has built my faith and trust in Them. If you would like to enhance your faith in all Three of Them then I would encourage you to take my classes.  It will change your life and help build your faith.