Meditation Series 1 & 2

Meditation Series 1

Series I: The Basics
–Learning how to “fall awake”
–Understanding your body’s rhythms for meditation
–Understanding your lifeforce
–Learning Stress Management Techniques
–Finding Mental Clarity
–Manifesting positive energy in your life
–Learning to stay more focused
–Learning to let go of pain
–Embracing health and a healthy lifestyle
–Controlling your anger so it doesn’t control you
–Creating a new “space” for yourself
–Protecting yourself from other’s negative energy
–Learning how to let go and move forward in your life
–Manifesting good and positive things in your life
–Learn to become more “grounded” and safe

Meditation Series 2

Series II: Advanced
-Understanding your Aura and how it works
–Understanding and knowing your chakras
–Cleansing and balancing your chakras, your lifeforce
–Learn how to create a “wish rose”
–Learn how to create a “destruction rose”
–Combining all the meditation tools from both series
–Using meditation every day, at work and in your personal life