What is a Chakra

The 7 Layers

Chakra is a “Sanskrit” word for “wheel” or “circle”.  
When the energy of life passes through your chakras, they spin like a small fan. Your chakras are no bigger than a quarter. Have you ever felt your life was in a “rut”? Ever feel you are going nowhere? Meditation opens up your chakras and when your energy flows, your life will move forward. Every time you meditate, you create a new space for yourself to grow. You will no longer stagnate, but you will grow and become a new person.  
The First chakra is called the “ROOT” or “BASE”
Location: Base of the spine
Central needs: protection, survival, security, safety, self-preservation and grounding We connect (ground) to the material world through this chakra. When we are trying to create things for ourselves in business or we seek material possessions, the energies flow from this center. It is the foundation of our physical body. From this center comes our strength of character. It helps define who we are in many of life’s situations.
Blocked: irritation, fear, insecurity, greed, selfishness, anxiety, frustration, and lack of confidence
Open: feel balanced, focused, open, optimistic, happy, healthy, positive attitude Physical Body: legs, lower back, bones, spinal column, colon and kidneys
Physical Aliments: knee problems, back problems, kidney trouble
The Second chakra is called the “Belly” or” Sacral”
Location: Two inched below the navel
Central needs: sexuality, sensuality, creativity, open-mindedness, intuition, self-worth, and emotions It is through this center that we express ourselves emotionally and sexually. It gives us the ability to relate to others when we are open. It allows us to feel, to accept, work with, and let go of our emotions.
Blocked: distrusting, self-centered, untrusting, emotionally explosive, manipulative, jealous, cold, hypersensitivity, confusion, uncertainty, guilt, sexual obsessions.
Open: tolerant, patient, pleasure, fluidity, friendly, open, self-worth, vitality, concern for others, and creative confidence
Physical Body: reproductive and urinary organs, intestines
Physical Aliments: constipation, eating disorders, drug abuse, bladder infections
The Third chakra is called the “SOLAR PLEXUS” (Honor Thyself)
Location: Center, behind the stomach, base of the rib cage
Central needs: personal power, self-control, self-acceptance, passion, ego, anger, impulses, and inner strength It is through this center that we make decisions that affect our life. (Gut feeling) We pause and evaluate all of life’s situations and we choose that which is best for ourselves. We attract balance and prosperity and enjoy our accomplishments, which allow us to move forward in our lives.
Blocked: worried, confused, frustrated, angry, lack confidence, feel others are controlling you, worry what others think of you, overwhelmed, lost, depression, aggressive, and scattered
Open: spontaneity, prosperity, self-esteem, outgoing, expressive, cheerful, happy, accepting, personal power, self-direction, confidence, secure, feel safe
Physical Body: Muscles, stomach, digestion, pancreas, liver, gallbladder, nervous system
Physical Aliments: diabetes, acid reflux, pancreatitis
The Fourth chakra is called the “HEART”
Location: The center of the chest, behind the breastbone on the spine between the shoulder blades
Central needs: Love, forgiveness, compassion, understanding, trust, and empathy It is from this center that we learn how to love others, to give and receive all that is good in life and ourselves.
Blocked: Negativity, feeling sorry for oneself, afraid of getting hurt, unwilling to let go, paranoid, obsessed, unstable, unworthy of love, suspicious, possessive and indecisive
Open: Compassion, self-acceptance, harmony, balance, unconditional love, peace with our self, growth, empathy, wanting to help others
Physical Body: Heart, immune system, lungs, circulatory system, back, shoulders
Physical Aliments: Heart attack, high blood pressure, difficulty breathing,
The Fifth chakra is called the “THROAT”
Location: Throat at the base of the neck Central needs: communication, expression, sound, and dreaming It is from this center that we communicate freely to others and ourselves through thought, speech, or writing. This is where our expression comes from.
Blocked: quiet, shy, timid, inflexible, inability to listen, dominating, egotistical, arrogant, nervous, frightened, and dishonest
Open: Self-expression, balanced, centered, a good public speaker
Physical Body: Mouth, teeth, throat, thyroid gland
Physical Aliments: sore throat, thyroid problems, ear infections, and cavities
The SIXTH chakra is called the “THIRD EYE” or “BROW”
Location: The center of the forehead
Central needs: Mind, foresight, clairvoyance (Clear-Seeing), intuition, imagination, interpretation, insight, awareness, and enlightenment It is from this center that we see ourselves for who we truly are, the true inner reflection of our own spirit. Through meditation we “find ourselves”. It is how we see “clairvoyantly”.
Blocked: Lack of concentration, confusion, non-assertiveness, panic attacks, hallucinations, and nightmares
Open: Courage, in control of our life, inner peace, concentrate, confidence, no fear of death
Physical Body: face, eyes, nose, brain, pituitary gland
Physical Aliments: vision problems, sinus infections, headaches, depression, psychological problems
The SEVENTH chakra is called the “CROWN”
Location: Top of the head or “Crown”
Central needs: enlightenment, inspiration, spiritualness, idealism, knowledge, spiritual will, and wisdom It is from this center that we connect ourselves with God. We learn to trust in a higher being, and we let go of our own ego. We seek a spiritual guidance. Energy flows from the center when we pray.
Blocked: constant frustration, materialistic, low self-confidence, fear, anxiety, no joy, and destructive feelings, lack of trust, limited belief
Open: Pray freely, no ego, trust in a higher guidance, seek wisdom and knowledge and view life in a more positive way
Physical Body: Central nervous system, cerebral cortex,
Physical Aliments: Tumors, brain disease, retention of knowledge