Healing Testimonials

Healing Testimonials…

I am writing to thank you for the energy healing. During the healing, I was able to let go of the emotional pain that I had carried in my heart for years. I have, until now, lived a particularly stressful life, but I feel so calm and tranquil now. I have a wonderful sense of well-being. Perhaps one of the most surprising perks happened when I went to work after the healing. My colleagues actually commented that I looked younger and that I was glowing! They wanted to know what I had done to look like that. Thank you again for helping me to let go of the “excess baggage” that I had been carrying around so that I could get my life back in order.….Susan – Toronto, Canada
I have known Jim for 30 years and have recently received a few energy healings from him. I must say, I have never before experienced such amazing healings. The revelations from God through him have touched my soul deeply. He has helped clear negative energies from me in a most amazing way. I thank God for leading me to a strong healer. God is definitely working through him. (Note to Jim: I think this might sway non-religious potential clients, but it is purely your decision. It is beautiful and I hate to remove it, but it does make a strong statement)….Diane – Denver, Colorado
Prior to taking Jim’s meditation class and him facilitating a healing, I had a lot of issues with anxiety and depression. I had been on antidepressants and anti-anxiety medication for over 15 years! During my energy healing, he was able to help me let go of all anxiety and depression that I’d been carrying with me from my past. I felt so much relief and had joy again. This healing did something for me that years of counseling didn’t even touch!! After the healing, I continued with the meditation classes and it has done amazing things in my life as well. I now have a calmness and peace. Since my healing, I have recommended to all my friends and family to try this! It WILL help you make positive changes in your life.…. Stacy – Kalamazoo, Michigan
Jim is a long time family friend of ours. When I was introduced to meditation and energy healings, I’ll admit, I was a little skeptical, but who wouldn’t be? After my first energy healing, my life changed. Conversations and situations that I was dealing with that only God and I knew were revealed and clarified through Jim. For a long time, I questioned things about myself, my family, my life, and my faith. To know that God actually knew me and my life situations and concerns and was looking out for me was more than I could handle, and I cried harder than I have ever cried in my life. Those tears were tears of joy and peace that overwhelmed me. Believe me; this will change your life… if you have faith. And not just an “I believe in God” faith, but a faith that WILL move mountains, a faith that only you and God know is true!….Brad – Coloma, Michigan


I had no idea how “clogged” I was until I had my first energy healing with Jim. Immediately, I felt much more relaxed and positive after my energy healing and others noticed the change as well. I was caring for my elderly parents who have Alzheimer’s and my patience with my mother was almost nonexistent. After the healing, I found I was able to enjoy being with her without feeling stressed about every little thing she did or didn’t do. I highly recommend an energy healing for anyone who feels lost or stressed out about life. It really does make things better!!…Kathy – Orland Park, IL
The energy healing was painless only required me to breathe, be in the moment, and listen. I was at a point in my life where I was lost, confused, and deeply worried about the future. Frankly, I was stuck and I figured an energy healing couldn’t hurt. During the healing, Jim revealed issues that were holding me back. The next day I was tired & I thought a lot about the things that were keeping me down. Then suddenly I realized I was no longer overwhelmed by helplessness and confusion. I was at peace….Diane – Chicago, IL
I’ve had a lot of stress and anxiety and was going through detox from alcohol addiction. I was feeling chest and gall bladder pain. I went for an energy healing feeling a little anxious because I didn’t know exactly what to expect. Jim immediately put me at ease by explaining everything to me. As he did the healing he explained every step. I released a lot of negative energy and emotion while Jim realigned my chakras and filled my space again with my positive energy. I immediately felt more relaxed than I had in a long time and felt entirely comfortable throughout the whole process. …Lori – Barrington, IL
During an energy healing with Jim, he was able to see/feel my true life experiences that had deeply affected me. Jim was able to help me move/release negative energy. Jim was able to tell me things about myself I kept hidden from the world and in hearing him say the words, I instantly released the tears. The next day I felt forgiveness, the ability to forgive myself and I felt happy instead of in the dark place I had previously been. An instant change came over me and my belief in God was beyond empowered…I have and will always thank you Jim!…Erica – Joliet, IL