Energy Healing…


Energy Healing Information Clients often ask what a Quantum Energy Healing will feel like and how it will affect them.
Healings are actually facilitated meditation sessions in which the healer channels positive energies through the energy centers (chakras) in the client’s body.
At Meditation Concepts, our clients stay fully clothed and are treated in an upright position in a comfortable chair. The session begins with a grounding technique. A healer-facilitated meditation state is induced after which the healer works through each of the 7 major energy centers with channeled energy. It is at this point in the session that the healer may relay “impressions or clairvoyant messages” to the visitor.
The channeling is then followed by a chakra balancing to assimilate the shifts in positive energy now present in the body. While the majority of the healing is hands-off, the healing can and often incorporates hands-on healing (Reiki-style) on the forehead towards the end of the session. The client’s own energy is reintroduced as the final step of the healing as the healer steps out of the client’s “space” with gratitude for the opportunity to be part of the journey.
What it feels like?
During the healing session and the energy adjustments, you might experience tingling, vibration, pressure, or electrical sensations in your body. Unusual aches and pains may come and go as the energy works through the blockages. You will feel a sense of deep relaxation but be totally alert and awake. You may also feel unusually hot or very cold at times. If you feel very cold then you are releasing old stagnant energy out of your system. You can also feel more emotional as you release repressed emotions.
From a Traditional Chinese Medicine perspective, much dis-ease is caused by emotional repression. Like in Las Vegas, what happens in your Meditation Concepts session stays at Meditation Concepts. After the healing, you can feel very energetic and peaceful or lethargic as toxins are released. Dreams can become very vivid and unusual. You may have to use the bathroom more as your body detoxifies and releases toxins. You might find yourself unusually thirsty or hungry, these are all validations that the energy centers in your body have been activated and your state of balance and health are rejuvenated. All these things are very good and a sign or validation that you are being helped by the energy.
Just realize that when you feel tired that it is a time of purification and you can be releasing on many levels, physical, mental, and emotional. After you have released the toxicity, then you have raised the vibration level of your energy system.